The Essential Package is perfect if you’re a new and/or small business and If you’re not ready to invest in a full custom project, but still want to establish a solid foundation with a cohesive & authentic brand identity. 


Typically Includes: 

+ Primary logo 

+ Secondary logo 

+ Custom color palette 

+ Typography 

+ Brand Guidelines 

+ Social Media Profile Photo 

+ 2 Revision Rounds

Starting from 25.000NOK

2 Weeks

  • You are just starting out
  • You have a tight budget
  • You are on a tight timeline
  • You need a solid foundation for growth
  • You have trouble making decisions
  • You prefer to try out several options before knowing what you want
  • You find it difficult to delegate work and trust others with your brand(Although we do understand how challenging this can be, it is a crucial component for success that you are able to trust us and our decision making process).